envy hair salon story

“Cool, fun, and passionate about hair is the vibe you’ll feel at Envy.”
– Alison Walmsley

Alison Walmsley and Natalie Sissaris met in 2006 and had a vision of what a salon should be, and could be.

Alison stressed excellence, integrity, and service as guiding principles for the foundation of the salon. She knew these things were essential for a thriving business. These principals successfully fuelled her salon for 10 years in the UK, and she believed they would be equally successful here in Canada. Natalie envisioned a positive, non-judgemental, workplace filled with an unmatched creative energy. They both saw a salon that was modern, creative, and trend-setting while maintaining the utmost in professionalism.

Their mission was to create something that Barrie had never seen before… and stir up a little Envy.

The “Envy Culture” was to be the defining characteristic of their salon, and would set them apart in their industry. A constant focus on education, fashion, and customer care would be essential elements in creating a salon like no other. Their stylists’ creativity would only be matched by their technical ability and passion for making guests look and feel exceptional.

Alison and Natalie agreed that a salon is nothing without its guests. They set out to build a team of professionals that were not only creative and technical, they also had to have a genuine passion for people. Another requirement was consultation skills. They picked stylists who had the ability to carefully listen to what their guests wanted and deliver custom results. These were difficult requirements, yet well worth the effort.

After all their careful planning, Natalie and Alison opened the doors to Envy in March 2007.

Since then Envy has continued to grow and evolve into Barrie’s most progressive salon. The foundation it was built upon still shines through and the accolades speak for themselves. Envy is consistently recognized as the best salon in Barrie by the Top Choice Awards and The Barrie Advance Readers’ Choice Awards.

It’s true what they say, “where there’s beauty… there’s envy”

“We think we are different because we always go the extra mile for our guests. We do whatever we can to make our guests happy and deliver beautiful hair… but also pride ourselves on the relationships and friendships that we’ve made over the years.”
– Natalie Sissaris